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Wedding Themes For An Emerald And Cream Color Palette

The Emerald and Cream color palette is an elegant, classic combination. It works well with many wedding themes. Because it is a simple option it is easy to use in different settings. It is a timeless look that will always be popular. Here are three beautiful wedding themes that use an emerald and cream color palette.

Green and gold Art Deco wedding invitation with geometric shapes.

If you want an art deco theme for your wedding, there are plenty of ways you can do it! This style is all about geometric shapes and metallic accents. Emerald and cream is a great palette for this theme. The green pairs beautifully with gold accents and the cream adds a classic but modern feel. To bring this theme to life you will need to be intentional about all the design elements. Colors and flowers alone will not spell out the art deco theme. Yet, geometric terrariums with gold edges and signage with sharp gold lines and a 1920's inspired font will pull everything together. Opt for gold vases or dinnerware and lush velvet green dresses or table runners. Greenery with pointed leaves such as Italian and Israeli Ruscus are great options. Lisianthus and Ranunculus have a classic look like roses but provide a more delicate touch. Elements of uniquely shaped flowers such as Scabiosa and Veronica will add an artistic feel to an otherwise classic look. Thoughtfully placed mirrors, feathers, and chandeliers or candelabras can also help pull together your art deco look.

Bride in off the shoulder wedding dress with classic white wedding bouquet.
Photo: DV and Co.

Classic white is a timeless color that works well with any wedding style. If you’re planning a traditional wedding you can't go wrong with white as your main color. White weddings usually have at least some elements of green included. Outdoor weddings are usually surrounded by foliage. Elements of greenery are usually included with fresh flower arrangements. Emerald green is a beautiful accent color to pair with white because it looks great on most skin tones. For a simple design use a greenery like Italian Ruscus laid loosely on a long table with several white pillar candles. Tuck white Roses into the greenery or add white milk glass bud vases. For a traditional wedding use a rounded shape for your bouquet. For a more modern, but still classic look use a loose and organic style for your bouquet. Rounded flowers such as Roses, Carnations, Ranunculus, and Mums emphasize the traditional theme.

Natural wedding table scape with moss, fresh fruit, and live plants.
Photo: DV and Co.

For a forest wonderland theme, the natural beauty of Emerald and Cream is ideal. A beautiful woodland celebration is the perfect setting to use this color palette. For an outdoor wedding these colors will add to the natural beauty of the space without clashing. If you have an indoor setting the emerald colors will help to bring that outdoor feel inside. For decor, use natural elements such as wood rounds, moss, fresh fruit, and live plants. For a rustic forest theme focus on elements of wood, burlap, warm stoneware, and wicker baskets. Use lots of greenery and accents of Baby's Breath, white Daisies, Carnations, and Roses. For a fairy tale woodland theme add features of small string lights and flowing chiffon fabric. Hang these from trees or layer them on tables with moss, fresh fruit, plants, and flowers. Use delicate flowers that create movements such as Lisianthus, Ranunculus, and Queen Anne's Lace.

These are just a few of the many wedding themes that work well with an emerald and cream color palette. If you’re planning your own wedding, it can be fun to think about which theme would be right for you. Remember that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing one! Even if you don’t end up using one of these ideas, I hope they gave you some inspiration for how to make your big day extra special.

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